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To this day, Gianni Versace is one of the most respected and admired designers of all times. His unique and extroverted style disrupted the fashion-world. He created colorful, wearable Pop-Art and invented the supermodel era, unisex fashion and even the idea of personalities as a brand for themselves.

He was inspired by the dynamic life in the hot spots of his time even though he came from the small city of Reggio di Calabria in southern Italy. He moved at an early age to Milan, and later made his success in Paris and travelled the world with a huge network of people, friends, partners and collegues in New York, London, Berlin, Miami ....
He continuosly looked for places for new development and innovations in fashion and lifestyle.

Gianni Versace was murdered at the height of his success outside his home in Miami, Florida – with myths and speculation about the motives.

Now, 20 years after his murder and 40 years after the founding of the brand of VERSACE, is the perfect time for commemorating an extraordinary man and his work in the most spectacular exhibition ever, made possible in cooperation with private collectors from all over the world, including many famous fashion-highlights and pieces worn by celebrities like Sting, Madonna, Elton John, Lady Diana and top-models like Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista.


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The extraordinary efforts and the collector's enthusiasm and love, achieved this project to preserve his work for posterity. In the beginning of 2018 the palace of the crown prince in Berlin became the first meeting place for collectors, enthusiasts, fashionistas and media to honour one of the best, gone much too early. The exhibition and numerous additional events revived the spirit of Gianni Versace, expressing a powerful idea and emotional approach to his way of life and work.

The curated Berlin Retrospective hosted a vast number of artefacts, making it the largest exhibition of Gianni Versace‘s original craft ever seen. Close relatives of Gianni took part in the project in person, as well as some of his famous companions, muses and fans. Together their enthusiasm and authenticity guaranteed an outstanding presentation of his work in fashion and accessories.

And now this exhibition is moving to other cities around the world, to make it possible for many more people to get in touch with the era of Gianni Versace and his outstanding artworks.

The Retrospective

The Retrospective Exhibition – next locations

The exact location for our next exhibition in Seoul, Korea will be announced soon.



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Inspire – pictures from our Berlin exhibition

The exhibition contains key pieces from Gianni Versace's collections from the 80's and 90's up until 1997

His inspiration from ancient greek motives (e.g. Medusa) and many more.
Through Baroque, Teatro, Bondage, Animal print, Punk, Pop-Art, Miami, etc. are all represented in the exhibition.

More images of the exhibition

opening show

The opening show in Berlin

The opening show of the Gianni Versace Restropective on the 30th of january.

A full house with the international press and media, many celebrities (e.g. Supermodel Markus Schenkenberg and Pat Cleveland) and an enthusiastic audience.

opening show in Berlin

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